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Un-Impossible Mission


The Un-Impossible Mission has been released!  

Grab it from the Missions Depot at OFPEC.  


OFPEC Review Summary          9/10

While the difficulty of this mission is horrendous, causing it to not earn a perfect score, the mission is otherwise flawless. I spent a total of over 28 hours on the mission, 6 of those trying to pull any bug whatsoever from it. My attempts were fruitless. The whole point of this mission was to test the limits of difficulty in Operation Flashpoint, and it definitely succeeded. Unfortunately, the mission might be near impossible for new players, but even taking a hack at it would be fun. This is definitely a 'Must Play'. Hence ends my rant.


Mission Details

Dawn on Kolgujev.

What was sovereign Soviet territory has been swamped by the invading Americans. They are flying the Stars and Stripes from the highest point on the island - an insult which cannot be allowed.

Sergeant Guba, take your veteran Spetz Natz squad to the top of The Hill and teach the American invaders a lesson - tear down that flag! The Americans are swarming all over the island in strength ... they think they are impregnable, the fools. Show them the truth.

Un-Impossible Mission is an exercise in mission design. How difficult can a mission be without being genuinely impossible? What is the limit of difficulty in OFP? It's been a long road but the result is fun, fair and virtually impossible. You can win - there are no tricks - but it is very hard.

This is a Single Player mission which is specifically designed to be played in Veteran mode. There are no Cadet mode waypoints. The only addon required is General Barron's (or Kegetys') editor upgrade.

Mission Features

- Extreme difficulty, immersion and fun
- Up to 27 hours mission time (plus retries)
- Choice of endings
- Multiple custom onPlayerKilled scripts
- Intro and two Outros
- Two cutscenes
- Atrocious voice acting by the author & friends
- Custom music
- Various scripted effects
- Easter egg
- For the first time in an OFP single mission the Win Outro has the player's squad carried over correctly from the Mission

- Immediate action at the start
- Relevant and atmospheric weather
- Conditional replacements (well, one loon)
- Plenty of ammo and field ambulances
- Hints & tips hidden in the mission
- Highly randomised unit placement giving extensive replay value
- Unusual Overview picture

- Versione Italiano
- Versiˇn Espa˝ola
- Traduction Franšais
- Polska wersja
- Deutsche Version

- Bonus mission. Possible Mission, the earliest surviving version of the Un-Impossible Mission, is included in the zip as a wee bonus. Play it for light relief.

Beta testers' comments

- Awesome atmosphere! I LOVE IT!
- This is without doubt the best mission I have ever played.
- The size - it is like having a whole campaign in one mission, with no one tell you what to do next.
- Its Great work. This sort of thing that you have done is why Operation Flashpoint is the best game ever made, on any platform, ever! And thanks to people like you, people like me can go into a whole other zone.
- stunning use of weather, enemy disposition, etc. and fantastic attention to detail.
- Wow, if it were any crazier I would've exploded. I was so immersed I died ... I just slammed me head down really hard on me keyboard. I've got the letters G,H,V,B,N and M on me forehead now, along with a funny looking bruise.
- Jesus, macguba, you trying to make our heads explode or somethin? This crap is hard.
- The cutscene was excellent. Showed good taste in humor and women.
- Intro - Very good. One of the best intros I've seen.
- Well, instead of working on my own mission tonight, I'm gonna be playing this.
- All in all, the replay factor MAKES this mission.
- Overall, this is an action packed mission with ambushes galore and a great atmosphere of suspense.
- LOL this was fun!
- Oh and that was one fine easter egg! Thanks!

Mission requires


         Editor Upgrade  -   General Barron's or Kegetys'

Grab my completed mission Lookout! from the OFPEC Missions Depot.   Island-hop down the beautiful east coast of Malden, taking out the Soviet OPs which could scupper the invasion.    You'll be leading a crack commando squad.
The OFPEC Review said:-         
This mission was fun! ... its a lot better then most of the missions we get ... Some of the communication and talk was funny ... Download it and play it.
I know this is not the most beautiful website in the world. 
However I'd rather spend my time mission editing than web designing.
Last update March '05.