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Retaliation walkthrough

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Retaliation Walkthrough
Regina Proeliorum

Suggestions and tips

Jump out of the truck as soon as it stops.   Get down behind the bushes and stay there - firing at the enemy is likely to get you killed.   You get orders to destroy the ammo truck but I never managed to do it for sure, I don't think it matters.  Use grenades rather than your AK which will give away your position.   When the enemy soldiers tell you to drop your weapon, do so.  You can't win this one.
You are prisoner in a hut.  Wait till the forester/hunter character (you saw him in the cutscene watching you arrive at this camp) shoots the fuel barrels then make a run for the jeep in the confusion.   Alternatively, find a horseshoe on the chair by the boxes, bash the guard on the head and grab his gun.  Either way, jump into the jeep and drive to the woods.  (Don't stop to fight, you can't win this one either.)   The fuel will run out as you get there so be ready to leap out and make a run for it.  Run into the woods and keep running.  Head for the Soviet roadblock at Levie.   Watch out for enemy patrols.
Enjoy the ride and conversation with the driver.   Get out at the intersection and head up the track.  About half way there it all goes wrong.  Run up the hill to catch the enemy squad:  they wait by the forester's hut for a few minutes then head south towards the wood.  Shoot the two guards (with longs) but not the leader, who has only a handgun.  He will surrender when the others are dead. (In fact sometimes one of the others surrenders too, if he is wounded.)  Go up to him and he will join your group.  Give him a weapon with no ammo, so that he can run:  if he has ammo he will shoot you.   There is a small terrorist squad coming in from the woods to the north, so deal with them or run away south.    Keep your man close to you or you'll lose him!   Move south through the woods, avoiding patrols in the open ground beyond.  There are two guards in Durras but they are a trap - there is another hidden in the bushes covering them.   I actually crawled past Durras along the hillside.   On another attempt the woods to the west of Durras seemed to be clear but there were sentries between the two woods.   Run down to Vernon to complete the mission.
Follow your orders:  get a nice position in a bush where you have a good view of the road to the south.  Destroy the convoy coming up from the terrorist base.   Collect a new weapon from a body if you like and move south towards the base.  I had a PK and binoculars so I found a nice tree overlooking the base and pumped four magazines of well aimed rounds into the place.  Clear the terrorists in the tent to finish.
Choose a good bush overlooking the road and await developments.  When the convoy appears, tear it to pieces.  The PK has plenty of ammo, so use it.   It all gets a bit WW1-like for a while, as you knock down waves of attacking enemy infantry.   Eventually your reinforcements arrive and the pressure eases off.  A BMP ambulance moves up while you and the armoured infantry advance to clear the village.  You are ordered to join a spetz natz squad which sets off in pursuit of some enemy who escaped:  follow your new buddies and take out the enemy squad on the other side of the hill.
When you are ambushed, run behind the buildings and jump onto the motorbike.  Quickly!  North to Montignac.  Quickly!   In Montignac speak to the officer behind the table then grab the UAZ by the fountain.  Quickly!  Drive north to Meaux:  there is a tank in the road, pass it on the right and run over the soldier.  After the cutscene in Meaux heal if you need to then jump into the BMP.  Back at Montignac, swap grenades for AK74 mags.  When you disembark, move quickly into the village - I found a good spot in a bush near the fountain.   When the village appears clear, but the mission hasn't ended, use your savegame and go hunting for those last few enemy loons.
How you approach the command of an armoured infantry squad is partly a matter of personal taste.   I fight as gunner of the BMP with the original gunner and commander dismounted and fighting as infantry.   Whatever your choice, make your way carefully up the runway.  There are enemy behind the buildings on your left near the southern tip of the runway and a T55 in the trees to the left of the hanger.   Also some infantry around the hanger and the airport buildings on the other side of the runway.   The jeep by the hanger is a UAZ ambulance, so try to preserve that in case you need it.   After the cutscene let the choppers land - if you destroy them in the air the mission does not end.   Enjoy a brief but probably fierce firefight to win.  Pause for a second and think back to the start
of Cold War Crisis ... two helicopters going down ... and a posting to Morton ...
Jump into the wagon with your loons and go to the first sentry.  Speak to him and leave one of your men behind:  the sentry will run back into the village.   Repeat with the other sentries.  Go back to the village and report to the officer, then listen to the conversation of the BMP crews.  (The English titles appear after a while.)   Wait by the second sentry and watch the southeast.  From time to time check that your sentries are awake.  When you see the choppers and LST, or when something goes wrong, use your radio to sound the alarm and call your squad back to you.   Forget the loon out on the point, he is toast.   Go prone and watch the ridge to the east:  use your binoculars to spot targets for your squad.   When the two Abrams appear from the northeast just concentrate on staying alive - this is another one you can't win.   After sufficient carnage you get new orders: there is a minor fault with the radio messages but your new Objective is quite clear.  The door to the building is on the north side:  pick up the documents as you enter then go upstairs and shoot the radio.  Watch for patrols as you run away north to Montignac.
Top bombing!
This is stupidly difficult chopper mission, the low point of the campaign and probably your whole OFP life.   Firstly, note your new character.  Secondly, refuel from the barrels and forget about fuel, you have enough.  Fly low down the east coast - keep your altitude under 12.  Your gunner thinks you are lost and sings to himself, which is quite sweet.  Line up south of the target island, choose an attractive wave, and save.  You're going to be seeing a lot of this wave.   There are two Vulcans:  you must get them both on your first pass.    You are obliged to use manual fire whether you want to or not:  one of the many problems with this mission is that lots of lovely sound files kick in just when you need to talk to your gunner.   The rest of the opposition consists of three M2s, one AA loon and four Cobras.   (There are also two Blackhawks.)   The Cobras are facing north and will shoot at you from the ground, so stay out of their way.   The chopper crews start near the tents, so the more of them you can whack early on the better.   Once the Cobras are up, try to fly above them so that you can use your cannon but they cannot use theirs.   
As an alternative tactic, tuck in close to the east side of the island:  rise a little to be detected then drop back down and allow your gunner to hit the Cobras with the cannon just after they take off.    If all else fails, land on the island (or bail out) and treat this as a blackop mission:  there is a boat on the west side you can borrow to get home.   Make sure you get all the Cobras, they come back to haunt you in the  next mission if you miss any.  Don't go home just because your waypoint says you can.     However you try it, good luck.    Note that this mission is not technically robust.
Another mission, another character.   This is a fun tank ride, assuming you killed all the choppers last night.    Deal with the Abrams, M60, M113s and infantry attacking Regina then head north.    There is some excitment around the marked but unnamed base on the road, but try to keep cool and preserve the logistic assets.   Watch out for an Abrams coming in from Morton and some M60s milling about.    Repair and load HEAT, for Levie is a rat's nest of AT loons.   You get the only retry once the village is clear.    Make sure you are in decent order for the attack on the pass, for this is an even nastier rat's nest.   Fortunately the two M60s mostly point the wrong way and the Bradley on the hill is no trouble.   If you're quick you can repair here, but keep watching for AT loons.   Ignore the Abrams attack from the north, the choppers deal with it.     Split your forces now:   leave somebody behind to cover the convoy as it comes through the pass (I didn't and they had a little trouble) and head north with the rest of your tanks.   There is a little more excitement north of Levie - I didn't quite see exactly what, Bradleys and M60s I think - and a few infantry in Laruns then you're home free.
Back to Sergeant Astakhov for a lovely little artillery mission.   At the start just lie still and enjoy the conversation.   When the arty spotter is killed, find him beside the little fort to your left and take his radio, map and binoculars.   Settle down into the bush, click on the Map and enjoy the results.    It will take a little practice to figure out exactly how the map relates to the ground and how to hit moving targets, so don't be afraid to use the retry.    Watch out for an M113 and infantry attack from your left - they'll get you if you don't get them.   When you can't see any targets just pump rounds into the dead ground to your front and right.    Simple.
You are a spetz natz now, and for the first time you have some gear selection.   Keep your satchel and grenades and make sure somebody takes the Strela:   RPGs are probably unhelpful.  Once you disembark order your loons to hold fire and lie up short of your chosen ambush point to avoid detection.    Radio messages tell you when the target arrives in and leaves Le Moule.   His convoy is preceded by an M113 - ignore it.    Before or after the M113 passes, place your satchel in the road and take up your position.   Blow the satchel under the first humvee in the convoy and use your grenades to immobilise the second while your loons deal with the lorry.   If the target's hummer is destroyed you fail the mission.    Search the colonel's body to find the documents, then head to the extraction point at Di55.  Keep an eye on the sky.
Yet another nice mission.   Wet your pants at the red dot, then put out the fires as ordered and give the good news to the blackop about 150m to the northwest.    Move onto the hillside above the base and watch for two groups of blackops coming in from the south:  use your flares to light up the scene for your squad.    If any of the enemy manage to place satchels, make sure you shoot them before they can set off the charges.   Run back to into the base to get some goodies from the ammo crate:  use the strela to bring down an A10 or two and the 6G-30 to blast the final blackop attack from the west.
There is a puzzle element to this mission and you are supposed to take a few attempts to complete it.    Ignore the artillery fire on the way to the Abrams, there's nothing you can do about it anyway.   Order the engineer to get into the tank while you and the third loon equip yourselves with RPGs from the UAZ:  two rockets each.    Jump into the tank yourself when ordered, and while you are checking out the crew stations order your loons to take up positions facing west.    Once you are finished, jump out - if you try to fight from the tank distant artillery that you cannot see will destroy it.    Wait for the American convoy to appear:   leave the M60 to your RPG loon while you take out the M113, preferably before it disgorges its troops and without damaging the fuel truck.     As soon as the armour is down lose the RPG, take the strela from the UAZ and wait 10m north of the Abrams.   Finish off any enemy soldiers then take out the chopper coming in from the west.    Refuel the tank - the repair truck doesn't seem to work for some reason - and drive home.
For once you have plenty of gear selection so make good use of it.   Hop into your jeep and drive south, then sneak through the woods to discover, surprise surprise, that the tank laager is fake.   The real one is at Cg65.   There are patrols and convoys along the main roads but you can drive safely along the back roads and cross country.   Sneak through the woods again to spot the tanks, deal with the Vulcan on the track then call in the airstrike and enjoy the show.   Your extraction is handled in the next mission.   (It might be fun to play this mission destructively; trashing the fake laager, clearing Morton and ambushing a couple of convoys.)
A rapid character switch to rescue yourself.   Head south - hug the eastern coastline - singing gunner - you know the routine.   Pick up the eastern end of Selivanov's expected route and track south of it, flying up the big gully leading SW.   Keep going across the main valley and when you get close enough he will radio you and pop red smoke.  I found him near the buildings at Fd67.   Switch to the cannon and let your gunner deal with the tailing jeep/mg and some infantry, then land and wait for the retry which indicates the special forces are aboard.   Go home the way you came but approach the landing site from the southwest to avoid the trees.
Suddenly the Americans are leaving.  I know you have just taken out their heavy armour reinforcements but the island is still crawling with Vulcans and infantry and it feels as if there is a mission missing.   Anyway ... it's a cold, damp, dark morning so be careful.   The first loose Amis are in the bushline to your west.    The scope on the XMS will make your life a little easier, so take one.   Now split your squad into two or three fireteams to make the search quicker.     (Remember to hit the dirt yourself when an away team reports contact.)  Grid squares turn green when they are clear.   The enemy tend to be in groups of two or three and the best place to use your savegame is probably after about three contacts.    Your future prisoner is in the bushes at Dc56 and surrenders when you get close enough.  Take him to SP2 where he leaves your group without comment.   Once the whole area is clear (it took a while for the trigger to fire, try running around a bit) jump into the Ural and drive to 4th squad.     Help them to clear light infantry opposition.
Well, well, who do we have here?
Sadly, that is the end of Retaliation Part 1.     One day, we hope, there will be a Part 2.  For details see the Retaliation website:-