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Regina Proeliorum

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Retaliation Walkthrough
Regina Proeliorum

An old mission that I'm diggout out and dusting down.   You play a T80 troop commander.    Assault and capture Regina on Everon.    The twist?  You'll have to coordinate the infantry and engineers too, if you want to take the village.  (But you're only a troop commander, this is not a CoC style mission.)    Your reward is a freebooting buccaneering swashbuckle behind enemy lines.    Smash up camps, run over doctors and generally misbehave.  But watch out, in case somebody catches you .....
And the best bit?  This whole thing happens in a magic winter wonderland.  You know these cold crisp clear days when the snow is blue?  Well, you got one.
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OFP v1.96  

Winter Everon from   8 meg or so.
Winter Nogojev from Kegetys' site.   A storming 36 meg - I use Getright to help with big downloads.
Regina Proeliorum v0-63    (a mere 80k)